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Industrial packaging systems since 1981

Our company born in 1981 and we occupy the sector of the packaging for years.

Taking advantage of the finest equipment and thanks to an efficient organization we are able to ensure the maximum of availability, good flexibility, productivity, competitiveness and rapid delivery.

Our primary production is “PLURIBOLL COEX 10 LAYERS” produced with film coextruded, it’s innovative for its characteristics barrier effect and that it differentiates from the traditional bead for the greatest protection ability.

The bead “PLURIBOLL COEX 10 LAYERS” is produced in two different dimensions, the traditional one “mm 10×3” and diameter “mm16x5”, 2010 absolute novelty and only producers in ITALY.

We not only furnish air beads and foam polyethylene in coil, but also a wide range of processed such as envelopes, bags, tubular, and coils already cut in various measures.

We are specialized in the quilting of our materials with papers, waddings, aluminium and foam, ideal also for the building sector and any other bonding required by the customer to better reply every need of packaging.